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Military Uniforms, circa 1802-1803

I've looked around in various memoirs from the period (as I have quite a few written by army officers) for any mention of dress and come up empty-handed - and all my searches on Google have given me information about modern usage which is not what I'm looking for. So, I turn, once again, to the fine people here for assistance.

Was it customary for officers of the British army to wear their dress uniforms at formal social events (like a ball) even during times of peace in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries? That is, an officer with an active commission - not one who has sold out or been retired. As my dates suggest, the scene for which this is important takes place during the Peace of Amiens, in London and so I'm unsure if the character would be wearing his red tunic or a black evening coat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETA: Thanks for the comments everyone. I found my answer.
Tags: 1800-1809, uk: history: regency period, uk: military: historical

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