A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in little_details,
A Guy Named Goo

Life in the Khanate of Sibir

Okay, I will be forever and eternally grateful to anyone who can point me to any source that describes what average, every day life might have been like in the 14th century Khanate of Sibir, specifically in the area where Ekaterinburg, Russia is now. I have tried searching for Khanate of Sibir, Siberian/Siberia Khanate, Russian history 14th century, Ekaterinburg history, Sverdlovsk history, the White Horde, the Blue Horde, the Golden Horde, and although I can find a lot of information on the various Khans who ruled the area and various political dealings of the time, absolutely nothing about what the average Joe living then and there would go through and see.

Housing, jobs, things on the street, commerce, medicine, your ability to step outside without getting your head chopped off/freezing to death...anything! At this point I'm torn between just making something up based on what 14th century life was like elsewhere combined with Siberia's climate and what I know about the Khans or giving it up all together, but at this point it's sort of become a duty to write about this and write about it accurately. Thanks a lot in advance.
Tags: 1300-1399, russia: history, ~middle ages
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