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EMTs/Search and Rescue/Police/Hospital in France

I'm writing a "our normal world has a secret magical twin" story that's set in our time in France.

I don't necessarily need French procedures, as long as I can make my characters behave in a way that's professional and logical -- though if you are aware of specific differences between several countries, I would be glad to hear about them.

I looked around with Google for procedures, but what I really need is what people would assume at the scene, and how they would behave around the characters. (Maybe I'm not using the right keywords for mountain rescue, I keep finding rescue team presentations, advice to people in case they get lost, and flyers for training courses. Same for hospitals, I didn't find much of what I would need.)

It starts somewhere around the French Alps in summer (In a forest, some steep slopes, rocky ground, not high enough to get really cold/snowy -- you could wear a t-shirt by day, though the temperature would drop quite a bit by night.)

I have a female teenager (16) disappearing from a campsite, where she was staying with other teenagers (ages 13 to 17) and a group of supervisors/counselors. I assume the counselors would all have first aid training, but that might not be their speciality.

*Let's say they won't notice she's gone before morning, or at least dawn.

-What happens when they notice? Who do they call and how?
-Would they start looking around a bit before help comes?
-some of the other teenagers might want to look around. Is it more likely that they would let them, as long as they stay in earshot, or would they make double-sure all the kids stay put?
-I'm not sure how professional the adults would have to be for the job since they're not supposed to do very dangerous stuff, but then, given the location... Hm. How likely is it to have responsible-people-types who actually aren't all that much?

So -- who would search for her -- EMTs? Search and rescue? The police? Would that depend on how high she is up the mountain, or is it automatically outside of the police's jurisdiction? What would they use? Helicopters? Dogs? How many people? Do they keep the police informed and how and how often?

*When she's found, she's in the company of an unknown older male teenager -- 18, 20 at most -- and they both are exhausted and cold, though the guy is worse off (he'll be trying to hide it; are there signs you can't fake?) She's probably covered in brambles and dead leaves, muddy legs, disheveled, clothes in disarray. The guy will be wobbly when he get up; he'll also be very hostile to them.
-What would the EMT/rescue people immediately assume happened? (Exposure, concussion, snake bite, poisonous mushrooms? Drugs/alcohol? Fight? Anything else?)
-How would they behave, try to calm him down?

The guy comes from a fairly medievalish society and blahblahblah long story short, he's seriously thinking that they might try to kill him at some point. If they get too close, he'll attack them first. He's in bad enough shape that he probably won't do serious damage, but he'll be trying his best to kill them first anyway. What happens then? Dogpile on him? Drugs? Tranq dart to the butt cheek? XD He doesn't really speak their language. If they just try to talk to him, he'll try to run off. How will they prevent that? What's the procedure there?

*Meanwhile the girl -- I assume they'll give her a blanket and check for injuries (?); when will they start questioning her on what happened? (A friend suggested that the first assumption lots of people would make if a girl disappeared in the night and was later found later in that situation is some kind of sexual assault -- is it really? When would they ask about that? Who would ask -- rescue, hospital, police?) Will they be trying to get her away from the violent guy as fast as possible, even if he's not paying attention to her side of the clearing, or will they want to avoid moving her as long as they're not sure what her problem is? She's sitting up alright, but she's very dizzy.

(by the way, their problem is magical exhaustion. Any idea for fun symptoms I could throw on them apart from clammy hands, dizziness and general exhaustion? And how do you treat them, apart from general rest?)

*Let us assume the guy loses consciousness or has to be drugged or whatever, and they bring him to the hospital.
-If he was violently aggressive when they met him, would he be restrained/sedated when he wakes up, and how? Or would they wait to see if he's still aggressive upon waking up?
-If he tries to escape, how would the orderlies stop him and make sure he stays put?

He has, obviously, no ID and if he tells them his name they'll probably think he's having them on, or that he's really confused (it's a "firstname nickname son of mothername of the x clan" format, in another language, and none of the names will wield much results.) Would they check his fingerprints? IS there anything else they can check? (obviously they'll find nothing, but I still want to know how they would look.) How would they try to identify his language? What do they do for the hospital paperwork, do they just call him John Doe or something? Or file it with the fake-sounding name he gave?

When he gets better, can the hospital keep him anyway/get him to the police? He still has no ID and as far as they know he might be underage, (in France, that would be under 18) though he looks like he could be 20 too. On what grounds might he be held back?

-I assume the girl's been brought to the same hospital, and if he was violent she probably wouldn't be allowed to see him even if she said he didn't do anything to her, but would anyone tell her anything about him, like how he's doing or anything like that? Nice orderly maybe? Or is that totally against some policy or other?
-When would the police come and question her? I assume they would want to ask about the guy at some point, since they still have no clue who he is and what's wrong with him...

He'll escape before they can send him anywhere, but it might be nice to know anyway : if they don't know his age, and find something to charge him with, where would they want to send him if they determined he's not in need of medical treatment anymore?

And... That's all I can think of at the moment. I feel like I should know a lot of this already, but what I think I know, I gleaned from the TV, and... Well. Yeah. >_>; I know it's a lot of questions, and I'll be really grateful if you can answer even just one or two.
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