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Mostly word questions...

I am completely stuck, and the person I normally bounce ideas off of hasn't been available for a good while, so I can't get help there...

1. Offensive terms for gays. Non-PC is good. (Character is a homophobe, his roommate is gay, and while they mostly let each other be with the occassional ribbing about character's porn and roommate's sexuality, roommate has DARED imply that character might be interested in a guy. So, pissy char.) For now, my character's eternal catchphrase in these situations is "cocksucker league (membership)", but roommate just threw that one at him, so he can't use that. And just 'queer' and 'fag' don't cut it, they're so overused between those two they've reached nickname status.

2. Is there a word for a hairstyle sorta like the (human) guy in this picture? (Image has some furry/dragon nudity, but nothing shows, if you're at a picky workplace...)

3. If character A is deaf and gets by by lipreading, what proper word could he possibly misstake 'Macao' for? It's a name that doesn't exist in any culture he's previously been exposed to, and he's been completely deaf since about age 4 or 5, at latest. (He can speak, mind. Which is why he should misstake it for a word, preferably something that doesn't sound very similar but would look similar to a rather skilled lipreader.)

4: (not quite language-related) How does the coping thing stereotypically go, especially in regards to love/relationships? You know, where friends nod knowingly and say "s/he's just in denial"? It's one of those things people seem to just assume you know, and I, well, don't.

I am so going to hell for writing an original songfic for Poison...

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