Jessica (jtersesk) wrote in little_details,

Has anyone here ever koshered their kitchen?

I've been able to find a few vague overviews of what needs to be done, but none of the websites I've found have been willing to go into very much detail. They just insist that I consult with my rabbi.

But I only need to know for this one scene in my novel.

Could you give me some detail about what you did to kosher your kitchen, and maybe about how your kosher kitchen is set up? (A kitchen in a private home or apartment, to be exact. Not a restaurant.)

Specifically, I need the Orthodox rules. I think Conservatives are a bit less strict about parts of the process, and that won't do for this character.

EDIT: I already know the basic rules: Separate dishes and flatware, and I know the laws of kashrut. What I need is the process that you use to kosher a kitchen when you first move to a new place, or if you decide to start keeping kosher. Do you need to buy new appliances? How do you clean the oven, stove, microwave, toaster, fridge? What about the sink? That sort of thing.
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