Rebecca (nycscribbler) wrote in little_details,

Slow times at the strip club?

I have no idea how to begin searching this, as this is more a gut-check thing- I doubt there are statistics on strip club business, and I suspect my keywords would lead me some unsavory places (y hay thar pr0n).

Oh, now I have your attention.

Setting is modern-day Seattle, and I need to figure out what would be the slowest night of the week for your average strip joint/"gentlemen's club"/place with the mostly naked womenfolk and the dollar bills.

I assume not Friday and Saturday, if only because woo, weekend. Something tells me not Wednesday, either, for some strange reason. Any tips, either on the actual question or how to search for an answer to said question, would be much appreciated.

edited to add: little_details is God. Thank y'all for your input- I've got some additional useful details as well as the proper night.
Tags: usa (misc), ~strip clubs

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