Tear Moore (tear22) wrote in little_details,
Tear Moore

Fallout Shelters

Time: Cold War Era, roughly mid - 1950's. (Although probably not too historically accurate in some parts.)

Location: Insignificant to plot at this time.

Searched terms: Fallout shelters, depth of fallout shelters, and underground fallout shelters.

My MC has found himself in a fallout shelter for protection of what many fear will soon be an area destroyed by radioactivity. Their government has failed to provide them with a fallout shelter of their own due to the overall poverty of their specific region, so the residents have taken the time to build their own underground shelter.

I would like my MC to be able to slip out of the shelter through a nearby exit, but was wondering two things:

1.) Would the other occupants of the shelter notice him leaving, given that there are what I plan to be at least one hundred people taking up the shelter itself?

2.) How deep underground would their makeshift shelter typically be, and what kind of exit strategy might a large group of people set up in order to eventually leave said shelter?

Thanks very much in advance, everyone.
Tags: 1950-1959, usa: history (misc), ~catastrophes

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