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Hand-operated bilge-pumps, medieval style

Setting: Medieval-tech (with matchlocks) fantasy pseudo-Vikings, a merchant ship hold, a rough sea.

I'd like to know what a hand-operated bilge-pump looks like (particularly one actually used in the late Medieval era, if possible), how to operate it, what it might sound like when operating, as much detail as possible.

I've Googled 'bilge pump' (after tooling around in Wikipedia enough to find out that's what they're called ... LOL), 'hand operated bilge pump', 'medieval ships', 'medieval navy', 'viking merchant ships', and probably other things I've forgotten. I get all sorts of ads for modern-day electric pumps or pictures of the outsides of ships.

Any information, advice, or links greatly appreciated!
Tags: ~boats and other things that float, ~middle ages, ~vikings
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