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unconscious, brought into hospital

I suspect this will be an easy question to answer, but there's nothing relevant in the group tags under Hospital Procedure, and Googling attempts have failed as my search terms are simultaneously too generic and too specific! So, here goes...

What's normal hospital procedure when a patient is brought in from an accident site, unconscious? (Think of a train derailment, or bus accident...not massive injuries, but a couple of people who get bonked on the head and need treatment immediately, but aren't able to speak for themselves. Male, or female.)

Specifically, I was wondering how contacting relatives is handled, especially if items like purses or wallets are missing. Do employees go through cell phones to find contacts?

Also, do doctors check for previous conditions or ailments in the blood, if the patient is taking meds, or if they're pregnant, before administering treatments?

Thanks in advance!

eta: modern day, US or UK (or European countries).
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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