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getting married in Italy

What do present-day Italians in Italy need to do to get married?

I mean things like: does a religious ceremony count as a legal marriage (as in the UK) or do you have to have a civil ceremony as well (as in France)? If both, is it usual to have both on the same day (as in France where the wedding party typically leaves the church and goes straight round to the mairie)? What paperwork do the bride and groom have to produce and how much notice do they have to give? Is it at all normal among urban professional people to have a civil wedding only, or is that strictly reserved for non-Catholics, fervent atheists, and oddballs generally?

I've tried googling "weddings in Italy" and "getting married in Italy", and all I could find is information for foreign nationals wanting to get married in Italy, and Italian-Americans talking about wedding traditions in the Old Country (which of course may be anything up to 100 years out of date, and/or specific to particular regions).
Tags: italy (misc), ~weddings

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