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Amnesia, Care and placement, Foster Care procedures

I'm writing a fantasy/ghost story, in which a 17 year old male with traumatic/retrograde amnesia like symptoms (he's forgotten almost everything about his past but retains reading, writing, and other abilities) is released into the care of the owner of a boarding house/apartment like complex where the owner and other people could keep an eye on him because no one came to claim him and despite efforts no one continues to.

The truth of the story is that he was in a near fatal car accident and is stuck between this life and the next, and the boarding house is more of a way house for spirits where they can pass into the next life or return to their lives. He doesn't remember because part of him doesn't want to and he's still muddled by "dying".

However, he doesn't know this, and I want to make it somewhat believable, so he was just placed there since they "volunteered" to take him in. So, realistically, if he were sent to such a place, would he be taken there in a police car by some cops or would he have to get there by a social worker?

Would he have to take medication of some sort or see someone about his amnesia regularly? (He still thinks he's alive remember.)

Thank you for any help. I've searched under "care for patients with amnesia", "care for patients with retrograde amnesia", just plain "amnesia" and also searches for "17 year old male, orphan, living arrangement", "orphan living arrangements United States", and similar variations.

Basically the story is really fantasy but I don't want the reader to know this off the bat.

EDIT: Edited for clarity. Sorry for being vague.
Tags: ~custody & social services, ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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