SusieQ (susiebeeca) wrote in little_details,

Alcoholism in history

My story is set in Canada in the late 18th and early 19th century, and one of the main characters is an alcoholic. Was the term "alcoholic" used in that time period, or did they just call them "drunks"? Was there much (or any) understanding about the nature of addiction back then?

Since the story's a graphic novel (okay... a comic book), almost all of the text is going to be dialogue, so it would help knowing what terms were used in common parlance. If it helps at all, the character who would be accusing her friend of being an alcoholic is a linguist who speaks five or six languages.

I've tried various combinations of "history", "etymology", "rococo", and "alcoholism". Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: 1780-1789, 1790-1799, 1800-1809, canada: history, ~booze, ~languages: english: historical, ~medicine: historical
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