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local NY hotspots

Hey guys, I have a question for any local New Yorkers out there.

I have a character who has been attending NYU for two years - just long enough to know a couple of fun local places in New York that tourists might not be aware of. Her parents attend her graduation and she takes them to a couple of local places - does anyone have any particular restaurants or fun places that they like to go to and that would be appropriate for parents?

I appreciate the help.

P.S. I tried googling, but I came up short. I think personal favorite places would be better information.

Edit: My character is a typical 22-year college student with typical parents - she and her parents are middle-class people who eat at restaurants, visit museums, and do other typical things. Nothing extraordinary about them, just typical.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~restaurants & pubs

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