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cricket: an exceptional play

Setting: England, 1930s, public school

Situation: brief scene where character A pauses near a cricket match, and calls out 'nice one!' after character B makes a particular play.

I don't want to make elementary mistakes in this small scene (e.g. using baseball terminology), but more to the point, I want to choose something that actually is a nice bit of cricketing.

Character B is batting. (In the crease?) He has been batting for some time, which I take it means that he is successfully hitting the ball between fielders, and also blocking shots that might hit the wicket.

If character A takes note of this, what would he describe it? E.g., running up a score, having a good innings? I'd like it to show briefly that character B has been batting for a good long time. A reason for character A to stop and watch.

Then, I'd like some suggestions for a particular play that this batter could make. Some squiggly (sic) bowling that he manages to block, or being able to hit something difficult. Could it be deceptively slow or fast, or with an odd bounce? How would you describe that? It does not have to be terribly dramatic or showy, just something that a real fan would know is difficult. The scene is brief, but I'd like it to ring true.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1930-1939, uk: history (misc), ~sports (misc)

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