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Female suspects in Regency England

Scene: Early 1800s in England--aka, the Regency. Not fantasy.

Scenario: Carrie is from a fairly genteel family who married a baronet. In the course of my plot, she becomes accused of murder and with evidence heavy against her, she's going to be arrested. However, Carrie's recently discovered that she's pregnant and the police and the local magistrate handling the case know. This is where I'm a little stuck. From the little I've been able to find myself, women were sent to jail and hanged for their crimes--but if pregnant they often had a reprieve until the birth of the child. I've also heard that pregnant suspects may have even, if rich enough, been confined to house arrest instead of prison. But I can't find anything concrete. Am I right?

Edit: Thanks for the help everyone!
Tags: 1800-1809, uk: government: law enforcement, uk: history: regency period

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