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kind of a dick, if that's what elusive means

sunscreen expiration & tent durability. also prophylactics.

EDIT: Taken care of! Cheers, everyone. ♥ Unless you've got some more anecdotal information on the shelf life of a camping tent, I'm all set.

So, modern day. Kind of. It's twenty years in the future, but thanks to a silly plot contrivance, society has come to a grinding halt, billions have died, and electricity and production and all that nice stuff is but a memory. That is not what matters.

What matters is that I have a band of outlaws roving the now-wilderness of postapocalyptic America, and I want to know what they can do to protect themselves against the elements.

Say you've got a camping tent. It's indoors, in a box, sheltered from the environment and all that. If left packaged and unmolested, mostly out of the elements except for seasonal temperature changes, is this thing going to be fine in fifteen or twenty years? I don't know if nylon or polyester (?) would be all messed up after years of neglect.
EDIT: It would be fine! Hooray!

Also, sunscreen: does it go bad? Is it going to totally lose all effectiveness after fifteen-twenty years?
edit: ... yes! The expiration dates are for real!

Same applies to Slim-Jims. Those things are hardly even real food -- will they go bad like real food does?

Also, I figure any condoms made fifteen years ago are going to be completely useless; what could a girl do to keep from getting pregnant without the pill or any of that? Is there anything you could think of that'd be even remotely useful? (other than abstinence!) ... I need something to fail, but I don't know what. Ideas?
Tags: ~catastrophes, ~sex, ~wilderness survival

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