aelfgifu (aelfgifu) wrote in little_details,

Building (then Toppling) a Stone Wall

I just wrote a scene that may be completely impossible. I have one character bust over a section of a tall stone (Roman or Medieval) wall. He then asks one of his captives to rebuild it. I wanted the captive to rebuild it in such a way that though it looks solid, it could be pushed through quietly at a convenient time.

Is there a way to do this? It could not be obvious, and it would be especially cool if it were a matter of doing something funky with a keystone, or something, that would make it topple (or possible to crawl though it) if something was removed at one or two points.

The wall is mine to 'build' - so if there is some certain kind of wall where this would work, I could write that kind of wall.

But the sad truth is that I know nothing of masonry, and have built no walls, real or imagined. Have you?
Tags: ~architecture

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