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Choice of Reading Material for LD Adult. USA Present-Day.

I'm currently writing a fanfiction. One of my minor characters is roughly 19-20 and has a severe reading handicap. Part of it is due to her upbringing. She was raised without exposure to spoken or written language. (For those familiar with DC Canon, it's an AU Batman story, and the character in question is Cassandra Cain.)

EDIT: DC Canon took a bit of a departure from reality when they had the character meet up with a telepath who fixed the part of her brain that processes spoken language. Nothing was done for her written language however. Her "mother tongue" as it were, is body language.

At the time that my question becomes germane, Cass has been struggling to learn to read. I found some basic texts aimed at dyslexic children and adults via Google. However, at this point, I'd like her to go into a library and sign something out.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) She abhors being called 'stupid' or thought of as 'stupid'. I don't honestly think she'd be comfortable walking into the childrens' section and flipping through picture books.

2) Her spoken vocabulary is fairly basic, although her comprehension is pretty high. Think of it as though she's been studying a foreign language for a few years--there's a pretty big gap between what she wants to articulate, and what actually comes out of her mouth. So if she were to screw up her courage to to ask someone for help recommending a book, she'd be more likely to ask for "something with short words" than "an interesting book for someone who's studying English as a second language."

3) She'd be going into the library on her own, rather than taking a friend along to make suggestions.

4) Gotham City is pretty much like Newark or Trenton NJ in terms of resources. So if well-appointed urban libraries nowadays have an ESL section, or something like that, I could have her stumble across it.

Anyone have any idea what kind of titles she might feel confident enough to sign out in the adult section of the library? 

I've Googled: "Adults with Dyslexia" and "Reading Texts Dyslexia", but these links are showing me resources that would be wonderful if I needed to research the condition further. Or texts like these:

Any help would be appreciated.
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