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Info on Peep Shows?

I've been searching online for info on peep shows, but am not having much luck with the kinds of concrete details that are actually useful when writing a scene.

I'm writing a scene which is set specifically in a modern-day gay peep show establishment (all/primarily male performers and all/primarily male patrons) in San Francisco. Such places have largely been driven out of business by the Internet, of course, but they do still exist, and I need details. How do patrons know which booth to go into (i.e., how do they know what performer will be waiting behind the glass)? If they want a blonde, do they have to go from one booth to another, dropping in quarters to get a 15-second glimpse of each until they find one they like? How would the performer's "set" be decorated and how large would it be? What sort of outfits would male performers wear? What specific types of "acts" would they do? Would some behaviors be illegal? Would they do the illegal stuff anyway? Can the performer and client hear each other through the glass? Are there locks/latches on the doors to the booths? How many hours/day do the performers work? How much money do they make? What do the performers do between "performances" (i.e. clients)? Do they take breaks, read a good book, chat around the water cooler, or do they just hang around and wait for the next guy to come in to the booth? During their act, do they masturbate to orgasm?

If you have any info (especially first-hand experience -- anonymous comments are your friend) about peep shows -- gay or straight, male or female, recent or not -- I would be extremely grateful.
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