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John Deere 1770NT CCS 16Row30 ProXP Planter

Would anyone happen to know about how much this farm device would retail for currently:

John Deere 1770NT CCS 16Row30 ProXP Planter ?


I looked in-depth at the US John Deere official website and missed (if there) any official listing of ballpark price much less an official retail price for these devices.

I have a character who is 15 and writing on (in the story!) his online blog about how his dad spent just about all the money they have on a planter . . . he lives on a small family farm that is in bad shape financially in Texas. The planter is used further into the story as a metaphor for investing all your hope at great cost (fiscal or otherwise) in just one option or plan.

(Svar på denne)(Forelder

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