M. (jadewing) wrote in little_details,

Major Arterial Wounds

I've searched through the tags and via Google, a medical journal or two, and Wikipedia, and first aid sites, and no dice. Plus I think is a good question for anyone who's prone to having their characters stabbed in unorthodox places.

My question is: Where are the major arteries located in the body, and how long would it take to bleed out from one if it's been severed? Would you lose consciousness prior to death? Does it matter if the person is sitting, standing, or laying down?

None of the sites really say "You have about thirty seconds to stop the bleeding before s/he's toast," which is kinda what I'm looking for. They seem to opt more for the soothing advice route, which is helpful in an emergency, but not when I need to write.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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