mazal_ (mazal_) wrote in little_details,

hazards of fording the Mississippi in the 19th century

Hi. For a short fiction story, I am wondering how to go about researching pioneer life in Iowa. What I most want to know is about the crossing of the Mississippi River going westward into Iowa and the hazards thereof. I am starting from scratch and so need to find out stuff like what  years would this have been in, would it have been in a Conestoga Wagon or otherwise, and about the lives of white, American teenage girls who were part of famlies that did this. My story is about a girl who accidentally dies while fording the river -- drowned? crushed? -- and has remained at the site ever since as a ghost, attempting to save other girls from a similar fate.
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), usa: history (misc), usa: iowa, ~boats and other things that float

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