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Immediate treatment for suspected gunshot wound, ambulance supplies

Setting: Current day, small town just outside Seattle, WA.

Google searches: Gunshot wound treatment, on-scene treatment, triage, etc., none with the tiny specific details I'm looking for.

The situation: A man was holding a woman hostage, the situation escalated until police had to shoot him. The woman got out more or less okay but had been hit by a stray bullet in the shoulder. However, it turns out that she was just grazed and the wound was treated and dressed on scene (there was an ambulance standing by).

So my question is - what is the exact procedure when treating something of this nature when you don't know what it is yet? All I can picture are movies I've seen where the person's shirt has to be cut off of them. I just need some idea of exactly what happens from point A of my character getting outside to safety and to the waiting paramedic, to a few moments later at point B when the medic determines that it was only a very minor wound. What would they do to get a look at it - cut her shirt off? Unbutton it if there are buttons? Just roll up a sleeve if they're short? Would they be applying pressure to the wound while they do it? Would anything else be done (preparations for taking her to the hospital and such) prior to them seeing the wound and determining it was very minor?

And then one last question - there also happened to be an ER doctor on scene (a hostage who was let go). He gets blood on his hand while near, and wants to wipe it off. What would he grab out of the ambulance to clean up with?
Tags: usa: washington, ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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