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Medical condition of underfed boy and British police procedures

Hi folks,

I have a few questions regarding 1) a hungry boy, 2) a boy in a police station, and 3) police procedures. I haven't done any searches because these situations are so specific, but any search tips would be appreciated.

The setting is England in early 1976.

1) A relatively thin, emotionally unstable ten-year-old boy is extremely depressed and doesn't eat or move around much for a week. What sort of condition would he be in at the end of the week, and what sort of foods would be given to him to bring him back to health?

2) The same ten-year-old boy is found unconscious on some train tracks in London and brought to a police station. He tells them his first name, but says he doesn't have a last name. He also says he doesn't know who his parents are. What would the police do with him, and how easy would it be for him to escape from them if he really wanted to get away?

3) Two young men are arrested in Sheffield for stealing two pillows from a hotel. When they are brought into the station, what would the procedure be?  Might they be held overnight? If so, what might the cell they were held in look like?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1970-1979, uk: government: law enforcement, ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment

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