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Victorian birthday celebrations

For a historical fiction project, I am looking for information on Victorian practices involving the celebration of birthdays — and preferably in the 1850-1865 span of years, if it makes a difference. [Edit: Also, preferably about customs in England of the time, but knowing about anywhere would also be helpful, as I'm flexible on country of origin for this particular instance.]

I've run Google ragged with: "victorian birthdays," "birthing days +victorian," "victorian celebrations," (and hunting narrower within those results), "victorian celebration observations," "19th century birthday," and just plain old "birthday traditions" looking for a hint of Victorian anywhere in the midst of it. It seems like there ought to be something out there, and maybe I've just been totally missing the mark with my searches. Any hints in that direction would be just as appreciated!

I'm primarily interested in the celebrations an upper middle class family might hold (if any at all), but information on how any of the class divisions might celebrate, or how birthdays were regarded by Victorian society at all, would be wildly appreciated.

My thanks in advance for your attention and time!

Edit: Question sufficiently answered for the project, and thank you all so much for the excellent help and information!
Tags: 1850-1859, 1860-1869, uk: history: victorian era, ~holidays, ~victorian era
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