Bringing Order into your Chaos (okami_hu) wrote in little_details,
Bringing Order into your Chaos

Looking for a disease

So, we have a 32 years old white male, a scientist/doctor (something along this line; researcher, probably). I want him to have some long-term, quite serious illness, but one which would still allow him to maintain a relatively normal life - meaning, no longer terms of hospitalization required. Frequent medical checks and taking a s***load of medicines, that's not an issue.

I'd like to have him to deal with fatigue, weakness, various pains, probably fever (y'know, pretty things ^^). My first choice was some type of cancer, leukemia perhaps, but my researches (Wiki, Google; cancer, leukemia, treatment) had somewhat confusing outcomes, regarding the actual treatment.

Basically, provide me with the name of a disease which fits the requirements, so I can research it. Pretty please?


EDIT: Okay guys, thank you!! XD I have quite an array of maladies now to choose from. You're awesome. ^__^
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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