FoleyArtist1 (foleyartist1) wrote in little_details,

Possibly too esoteric question

Hello all! I am not a writer of original stories but a professional translator. I've encountered something I know to be a reference, but after extensive research I still cannot ascertain what it's a reference to. I think my only recourse at this point is to just ask a lot of people and see if it seems familiar to anyone.

The source text is Japanese, and the words are "Mintsaa no to," which should be something like "follower(s) of [a name that should sound like Mintzer or Muntzer or something similar]." The background of the reference is that this is someone who legend has it either (1) had his head cut off and then wandered around holding it, or (2) was burned to death and continued chanting prayers even after he'd begun to turn to ash. (It's not clear which of these two cases the person is associated with; nor is it clear the gender or even the number of the individual(s) in question.)

If anyone happens to recognize this, on the off chance, I'd be eternally grateful to be pointed in the right direction. I've got a guess, but a guess isn't as nice as knowledge.

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