Christine D. (snowflakie06) wrote in little_details,
Christine D.

1920's America - treehouses and teenage pregnancy

I recently got an idea for a rather intricate story that is partially set in 1925 and 1926 in America.

The state has yet to be determined but most likely they're in a semi-small town. The first question I have is, how likely is it for a family to have a treehouse in their backyard? I know that in the novel The Swiss Family Robinson, published in 1812, the family builds a treehouse, and a large-scale treehouse named the Treetops Hotel was built in 1932. However I've found nothing that could tell me whether or not young children, or even teenagers, would use a treehouse as a sort of club house in the 1920s that was probably built in 1910.

My second question is if a girl got pregnant and had a child in that same era, how would she, and her child be treated? In additon, how would the boy that got her pregnant be treated? Additionally, if they were expected to get married, what would happen if they ddin't?

For treehouses, I've checked Wikipedia and googled 'treehouses 1920', 'kids treehouses 1920' and 'children treehouses 1920' I also used
For teenage pregnancy I looked on Wikipedia and googled '"teenage pregnancy" 1920'

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give me!
Tags: 1920-1929, usa: history (misc), ~childrearing, ~medicine: reproduction

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