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tracing evidence to owner

i'm having trouble figuring out how this would work.
i have a character whose bag was left at a crime scene (possible drowning death of a minor, she did not witness it, only found the body and due to several reasons, was not involved in reporting the death) and discovered by police. in order to have several memories recalled, her bag must be traced back to her. however, there is no identification in the bag, only a blanket and clothes, plus some food items. also, the bag was rained on, if that makes any difference.
i've tried googling things like tracing evidence, tracking evidence, etc, but nothing really particular is coming up.
anyone with knowledge of police procedures, etc. have any idea how the bag can be tracked back to her?

eta: thanks for all the help. i'm still trying to decide just what i will use for tracing purposes, but you all contributed lots of great ideas! :D
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