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Boats suitable for swamps

Hi all,

I was in here a few days ago asking about what the swamps and bayous in Louisiana were like, and now I've got another question. If a group of people with the purpose of cataloguing animal movements were wanting to get about a swamp, what kind of boat would they use? They would (i assume) be motoring through the swamp then turning the motor off and floating while they animal-watched. So they'd need a motorboat, but a small one, very shallow on the draft, and only needing to fit four of them, most likely with an outboard motor. And yes, this is set in Louisiana, around south/south-east of New Orleans, and my boatload of naturalists are going deep into the swamp.

My assumption (and what I am still leaning towards) would be something like this, or perhaps a wooden variant thereof. Unfortunately, the only thing I've ever heard those boats being called are "tinnies" which is very Australian and quite inappropriate for my team of American naturalists. I also thought "dinghy", but the evidence on that is equivocal, since they're usually apparently used as tender on yachts. I don't really want to use the generic "(small metal) motorboat".

As far as googling goes, I googled every type of boat you can think of, went through the boat types listed on wikipedia and about five nautical glossaries, hit up UrbanDictionary to see what they translated tinnie into ("runabout" which I am only willing to use pending confirmation from someone reasonably boat savvy, because it seems to me like a runabout is bigger and has more oomph than what I'm after), googled boat listings in Louisiana, and swamp tours (to see what kinds of boats they used), all with very little success.

So my questions are: 1. is this the right type of boat (and if not, what is?) and 2. if it is, what the blazes is it actually CALLED?

Thanks for your help!
Tags: usa: louisiana, ~boats and other things that float

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