Vashtan (vashtan) wrote in little_details,

Seeking South African Insiders for current-day novel

I don't even know where to begin. (Okay, google, but the Internets is too vast).

My novel has decided that my main characters are Italians from South Africa. The setting is modern day (2001+). These characters would have a wealth of background knowledge of South Africa that I have no access to (I'm reasonably good with post-Apartheid history), but what I need is the inside scoop. This is largely about making it real and not falling into the trap of cliche.

If at all possible, I need contact to South Africans (or somebody who has first hand knowledge of SA) who could help me with the details regarding an Italian/white middle-class family between about 1990 and 2001+. Mostly, I'm interested in school/university stuff, but just a "common sense" or "sanity check" person would be fabulous.

Am willing to proofread in return, send copies of the finished book (yes, it's pretty likely to get picked up by a publisher) and add dedication/thank you section.

Please, help?
Tags: south africa (misc)

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