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That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!

Chills during pregnancy and drawing on sportscasts

Two completely unrelated questions here.

First: I need a situation in which a pregnant woman would get chills, or just feel unusually cold.

Searching for "pregnancy + chills" turned up a lot about urinary tract infections, but it looks as though by the time the chills set in, the infection is Very Serious (and comes with a host of other symptoms).

What I need is a condition where she would be cold enough to gripe about it (the character is a complainer), insist on turning up the thermostat, etcetera; but she wouldn't have any reason to believe it's a symptom of something more serious until later on.

It doesn't need to be directly related to the pregnancy, so long as it would affect the fetus (which I imagine any sickness in a pregnant woman would do to some extent).

So can you suggest any conditions? Details (on symptoms, effects, and concerns specific to the fetus) would be great, but I can certainly take the names of the conditions to Google once I have some.

Second question: You know how, in sportscasts, the announcers will use a machine that lets them put lines on the screen, so they can circle the ball and so on?

What's that machine called?

Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: reproduction, ~sports (misc), ~technology (misc)

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