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Wallpaper removal tools

I have a scene where my heroes are in a house undergoing remodeling. The story takes place in present-day U.S., and the house is haunted. The room they're in is one where the owners of the house are stripping the wallpaper, and I want the ghost to start throwing around things in the room, resulting in one of the characters getting a semi-deep cut on the arm. More than a scrape, not enough to require stitches. I was thinking some sort of wallpaper scraper-type thing might do the trick.

Problem: I've never removed wallpaper. I've googled *how* to remove it and searched through the Lowes and Ace Hardware sites in an attempt to get a good idea of how the tools look and, more importantly, how sharp they are. However, nothing is really telling me if my idea will work. So, my questions: would a wallpaper scraper be able to cause the kind of injury I'm looking for? Is wallpaper scraper even the right term to use?

Note: the wallpaper isn't a big plot point; it could just as easily be paint removal or any other type of remodeling that home owners might do themselves. Mainly, I just need various tools for the ghost to throw, including at least one sharp one. Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~home renovation
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