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Draining a corpse of blood in order to eat it

I've tried "butchering", "draining blood", "draining blood from meat", and "meat preparation"

This is set in Ancient China-like fantasy setting.

My main character has just been introduced to the philosophy that it's okay to eat humans (he is not human). In the story, he just killed a man and now wants to prepare him for dinner with his wife (also not human).

Recently, my mother prepared a cut of lamb and I noted that she drained the blood so I reasoned that all meat must be drained of blood before cooking it. So I wrote that into the story, with the wife sternly reminding him that he has to drain the blood first and then remarks that it'll take about two hours until it's ready.

Later on, I found out that when you drain a whole deer of blood, it can take days, not hours. Is this true? Would a lean man of about six feet take days to be drained of blood? How long would it take for the blood to drain?

Also, when I did the initial search, the only information I could find was sites talking about meat must be drained "so it can be kosher". Since the characters are obviously not Jewish or Muslim, and my mother and I are Catholic, I have to wonder about the necessity of draining blood. So is draining blood absolutely necessary in meat preparation? Can you prepare meat without draining the blood? Would it be "barbaric" or "gross" if you don't drain the blood?

Admittedly, I could just hand wave this away because this scene is supposed to be a nightmare but I would like to know if I could make it work anyway.

Tags: ~cannibalism, ~food and drink (misc)
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