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insurance question

I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me out with an insurance question: My story's main character runs a martial arts school in present-day California. He resists several extortion attempts by the local crime boss, and now the gangsters have made good on their threats of burning his school down. They commit that act in broad daylight with several witnesses present by driving by the school and throwing molotov cocktails through the windows. My character manages to keep the damage to a minimum, but he is still left with quite a bit of fire damage.
Now - what type of insurance would my business owner need to have in order for the insurance company to cover the damages and how would his insurance handle this obvious arson attempt?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions!! :)

EDIT: Thank you very much to the readers who have responded to this question! You have all given me some valuable insights and a few bases from which to look a little further into the different insurance types as well as arson investigation situations!
Thanks again! :)
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