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Middle names in Germany

I tried googling "middle name German" and variations with crap results, the wiki article on middle names is no help. The wiki article on German names mentions that parents may give their children a zweiter Vorname - "second given name" and says "it is common to use the Rufnamen of relatives, whom the parents want to honor". My questions are:

- Does the zweiter Vorname appear on the child's birth certificate?
- Do German parents use the middle name/zweiter Vorname when scolding the child, as an American parent might?

Just in case conventions have changed in the last 27 years or are different depending on area, the character was born in 1980 in North Rhine-Westphalia (some of you might remember him, I've asked questions about him before lol).
Tags: germany (misc), ~languages: german, ~names
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