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Morgue Question

So I'm going to write this story and I have no clue as to how to google this, so I thought I'd turn it over to you guys.  

Who can access morgue records like autopsy reports, or better yet, what kind of person would be the least suspicious asking for them?  It wouldn't be for a criminal investigation, just a seemingly regular person who died in a car accident.  The morgue is in a small town in the midwest, present day and the main character wants to see the autopsy records and is going to pretend to be someone else for them.  What kind of pretend alias could the guy use that would make him seem not suspicous and would naturally want the records?  I was thinking maybe an insurance agent, but I'm not sure if they would send a representative to do that or even need an autopsy report, just a death certificate.

End of rambling.  Help?

ETA: litgoddess made a good point.  There wouldn't be an autopsy at all because though both parties died, the guy in question was only hit by the truck, so no suspicious death there.  I suppose now it's a moot question and I can just have the main character try to question the people (or person, small town again) who prepared the body for burial. 
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