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Guitar grade learning time, relearning and buying a guitar

Setting: mid-90s to mid-2000s, United Kingdom

I've looked up "music grade", "music grade time scale" and "music grade exam time" and found some information on the second in Yahoo Answers, but nothing concrete as, as I imagined, it's down to personal experience. The third is giving me nothing except for exam lengths and discussions on whether children have too many school exams and the stress it puts on them.

Anyway, one of my characters picked up and started learning the guitar when she was about six, and "quit" when she was thirteen, giving her about seven years of experience. Would it be possible for her to have gotten guitar grade eight in this length of time, and if not, what's the highest level she could attain. Any other detail is appreciated: i.e. "your character could be at grade eight skill-wise after seven years, but she'd only be recognized as grade seven as the exams are set once every year"

She's reasonably good at the guitar, and used to practice for one to two hours three times a week when she was studying. She had no coaching other than what she received at school once a week although her father was able to buy the best equipment/books for her to use and learn from.

Five years later she picks up the guitar again: if she practiced for three hours each day, how long would it reasonably be before she got back to her prior skill level? In between "quitting" at thirteen and picking it back up again at eighteen, she's not practiced seriously (she's played a few chords here and there but nothing like when she used to be taught).

The guitar she was taught on, used to practice on and uses again five years later is acoustic: she later has to use an electric guitar, so will this provide any problems?

Thank you for your time and help :)
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