elle black (ellipsisblack) wrote in little_details,
elle black

New Orleans region descriptions

I am to be writing something set around New Orleans (probably towards the south east thereof--Lake Charles), and in the in the marshland to the south of Delacroix. Unfortunately, I've never even been NEAR Louisiana. If anyone lives there/has been there/is familiar with the region, could you maybe give me some guidelines on the scenery, weather, vibe and the like? I'm thinking it'll be set in winter (around early January); I think the weather there is quite similar to where I am, but I'd still like accounts. The more detailed the better! What it's like to live there, drive through there, what the bayou is like, how it feels at night, and so on.

I've done some heavy googling and wikipediaing, using "louisiana" "new orleans" "delacroix" and various things like "climate", "terrain", "demographics", etc, but what I really need is personal impressions, and those are difficult to google.
Tags: usa: louisiana
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