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American Colleges

Excuse any stupidity but I'm English and pretty much all I know about the American Education system is it's nothing like the English one.

For the story I'm writing I have one character in College who's best friend is still in highschool. What I've planned in my head is that Character A (in college) will meet up with Character B (highschool) to do his washing at the laundrette, because it's boring to do it alone. But that's where I get stuck.

Now am I correct in thinking a college in America would be considered a university in England? You have to pay fees to be there and live on campus. (Because college for me is free and you stay at home.)

Secondly, what facilities would be found on the campus? Would the character be able to pop down to the local convineice store before he walked to the laundrette? (In my head I'm seeing this as a cross between my college and a holiday park for some reason.) Would he even be able to walk to the laundrette? Would he have to leave campus and go into some local town?

The story is set in present day Chicago, so if anyone knows anything about colleges in and around that area that would be awesome. However, it's not essential that it's a certain college, I just want to give an accurate impression of American colleges.

I've googled various combinations of "college facilities in the us" "college campus" and taken a few of the tours that came up, though unfortunatly they only informed me of classrooms and dorms and stuff.

Thank you.

Edit: Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure I've got all I need now. Thanks.
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