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Middle-of-the-night TV

I'm writing a screenplay, currently, so this is a detail I'd usually just summarize in prose but can't in this format, so.

Setting: A motel somewhere on the line between TX and NYC, probably on the more Southernly bit of the drive. The year is probably 1989, but anything played this late is probably not new at all.

Detail: Two of my characters are hunkering down for the night in their hotel room and, unable to sleep, they turn on the TV. What I don't know is what would be on the TV. It's a cheapo motel and about one at night (this is flexible, though) so it probably wouldn't be anything particularly new or popular at the time or even anything they'd normally watch, but what sorts of things would be on the television?

I'd love it if I could use some very old, classic movie, black and white with sort of a melodramatic love thing and pretty leads or maybe just an old suspense film or something likewise classic but slightly more gritty, like a western or something. It would be great if there was a lot of tension, romantic or otherwise, and a lot of traveling, especially by car. This would just be an added bonus, though, because while I'd love to tie it in with my screenplay I don't have to or anything. They mostly just need something to watch. ETA: It doesn't matter if it's homoerotic or heterotic tension, both or either is great.

I have absolutely no idea how to google this, and I sort of doubt it's googleable at all. I don't have a television, either, never have, so I don't even know what kinds of movies they play in the middle of the night now to extrapolate from.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1980-1989, usa (misc), ~movies, ~television

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