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book search - survivors of child sexual abuse

The MC of my novel is a 17 year old boy who was sexually abused exclusively by men between the ages of 6 and 12- he was used in child pornography and child prostitution in western Canada. He was rescued by a vigilante-type character and is now finishing high school and living with an unrelated adult couple in a sort of makeshift family situation.

I have read a few books about prostitution and trafficking (of both children and adults) , and am now looking for books about child pornography and child abuse, or abandonment (he was either abandoned by his parents, or they died and he wandered off alone- he met his abuser after the fact.)

Googling for "survivors of child abuse" or "survivors of child pornography" bring up lots of pages of support groups, advocacy groups, and academic seminar reports. I'm looking for books with case studies or anecdotes. I feel a bit weird poking around on forums for survivors and support group pages, because I feel like I'm intruding on their space somehow. I don't want to look at someone's personal story in a space where it wasn't posted for me, but for other survivors. Searching for those terms at the library brings up a lot of the books I've already read, because they had the same keywords. Searching for child pornography brought up mostly books about the law and enforcing internet porn laws. Searching for "child abandonment" got some leads, but most of the ones dealing with sexual abuse seemed to be aimed at survivors themselves, as a support resource. Cue the intruding feeling.

So basically I am looking for books that have case studies or anecdotes about survivors of child sexual abuse and child pornography. I am looking for a book about the children affected directly by child pornography and what happened to them after the pornographers are caught.

I'm trying to get a feel about how his abuse would affect my character's friendships and romantic relationships as a young adult, and his view of his sexual orientation. I know it will be different for everyone, and ideally a book or a few books that present completely different case studies or anecdotes would be most useful. I have a really good feel of my character, I just don't want to get it entirely off the mark by accidentally romanticizing or exagerrating what I think would be the case, since I have no way of knowing! Case studies from Canada would be ideal, but I'm not holding out for miracles. ;-)

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Plugging the word "book" into my Google searches (which I really should've done in the first place!) didn't really help.

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