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Rape (during and the aftermath)

Due to the fact that it was requested and since it is a sensitive issue, click the cut:

I have a character that’s being held against her will by an enemy prince, and she’s semi willing because he’s blackmailing her.

I’ve tired searching on Google for anything that would tell me what a person goes though mentally and emotionally when they are raped and what that person thinks about and how they deal with the aftermath of being raped, but the only thing I can find are other rape victims saying the same thing “it was a terrible, horrible experience.”

That’s nice and all (and I don’t mean to degrade the truth of what rape survivors have been though) but how terrible was it? How horrible was it? Describe to me how it was awful.

Essentially, what I want to know is what exactly is a rape victims mindset during rape with her rapist, when he’s not there and than there’s a fear that he may come back, and how does one cope with that having had happen.

Can I please have some help?
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault
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