The ~wonderful and ever so mysterious~ Alice (whitepawn_alice) wrote in little_details,
The ~wonderful and ever so mysterious~ Alice

Name of Specific Gods.

Setting: Fantasy Middle Ages (along the lines of Tamora Pierce's Tortall or the setting for the game series of Fire Emblem).
Terms Google'd/Wiki'd: God of North, God of Swords, God of Hunting, God of War , God of Snow, Constellations (and many variations of those)

So, I'm trying to write a story. But I'm working out all the basic details before I actually write anything else. And I'm having a lot of trouble naming one of the main characters. I'm hoping to name him after a God (considering the other main character is named after a god of sorts).

Could anyone tell me the names of Gods (or constellations) related to (ideally) sword fighting (this could also include fighting or smiting), war, hunting, the North, Snow, ect.

I know this is a really lame question, but I got overwhelmed trying to use Wikipedia, and Google didn't produce anything useful. What I’m looking for it a bit too specific for those to be helpful.

Unrelated question for the same story: Is there a feminine version of the name 'Jupiter' or something I could substitute it for?

Thank you in advance for your help!

This is my first post. I hope it's okay...?

Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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