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Bow and arrow, shooting to kill and injuries therein?

Setting: Fantasy, loosely based on 1400s in an area resembling Croatia.
Searched variations on: archer, "shoot to kill", non-fatal wound to neck, bow and arrow, bow hunting, recurve bows, arrow wounds, ancient medicine,

I've managed to track down almost everything I need for this, but this last bit is eluding me.

What would a mounted bowman aim for if he wants to instantly kill a stationary mounted man?

To give you some background:

My hero is sitting on a horse. He has a sword, which isn't drawn but is wearing no armor. Three soldiers are watching him, also on horseback but only one has a bow (short, recurve bow). They've told him to disarm. He tries to draw the sword because he doesn't see that one of the soldiers on the sides has a bow. (Either side will work.) They are about fifteen feet away.

I thought the archer would aim for head. I plan on having the archer miss, but in order to figure out where he'd plausibly hit at that distance, I need to figure out what he'd aim for.

For bonus points--
From this, my hero needs a wound that is life-threatening if untreated, but something from which he can recover if treated. And the treatment needs to be something that his wife can provide in the middle of the woods. She has something like an ancient greek medical kit. I would prefer for his speech to be impaired severely after this, but can work around it.

Edited to add: Sorry, I didn't think this was needed, but I should clarify that this fantasy world uses a magic system in which the closer a sorceror is to death, the more power he has. So, when facing My Hero the soldiers want the fastest, surest kill possible. When the archer misses, he has seriously screwed up by giving My Hero the power to toast all of them.

As always, thanks for your help.
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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