Creep of the Week! (creepy_crawly) wrote in little_details,
Creep of the Week!

Names involving Hunger

Okay, so this is probably the weirdest question you'll ever be asked. Honestly.

My google-fu has failed me. Baby name sites have failed me. Religious leaders have failed me. El-Jay has failed me. Oh, wait, it failed everybody. Nevermind.

Anyway. My Question:

I'm looking for a name for a girl that either A) means hunger/starvation, or B) has some relation to hunger/starvation. Suggestions of names with religious/historical/mythological basis are desperately needed. Or, if you just happen to know a name that means hunger/starvation, that would also be absolutely killer!

Thank you so much! So many helpful answers in so little time!!! I love you guys!!!
Tags: ~names

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