Volodymyr Alexander (atomic645) wrote in little_details,
Volodymyr Alexander

Believable Digital Camera

This is where my lack of knowledge of technology comes back to haunt me. I wouldn't know where to start on Google, cause i need some opinions.

What is a believable type of good camera a smart college photography major would use? Needs to be digital (for the story), and really high quality, but believable for a college student who makes 1000$ a year to own? I saw some guides on good cameras online, but some where like...5000 dollars, which doesn't sound like something my character would own.

Of course, story takes place in the present, and if it helps, the character is a female? I just need a name or model, so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about. lol
Tags: ~photography, ~technology: cameras & video

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