Lauren (disney711) wrote in little_details,

US army question

Setting: Present day United States

I'm looking for some basic information on the US Army. I've searched the Army's website plus a few others, however, everything out there seems to be a little too detailed, and most of the things I'm needing are things you'd find out in an interview with a recruiter, it seems. So I guess what I'm hoping for is that people out there have personal experience to maybe share.

Basically, for the rpg I'm in, my character's sister will be joining the army. She has already interviewed with a recruiter and will leave for basic training at some point this summer. I have a ton of great information on what is involved in basic training so I'm good on that, but what I'm looking for is what will happen after that. I'm looking for her to end up going into combat in Iraq rather than ending up with a stateside position at a base. How long after basic training would be most likely to be sent over? And how long is a typical tour of duty over there?
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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