xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in little_details,
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I'm back with more robot issues!

I need someone to attack and subdue an intelligent, humanoid robot with one hit. The catch here is that it needs to be something that will knock the robot out without damaging anything--force a shutdown, essentially. (The damage isn't coming until after he's inert and powered down.)

I thought about magnets, but I'm worried that having someone jump him with a magnet might actually cause system errors that would stick around; am I right? (Are magnets still a big threat to computer systems in the first place, or am I behind the times?)

If magnets will actually have lingering effects, then what could I slam him with that would only induce a shutdown? I'm looking for some kind of weapon--it can be crazy sci-fi shit, this takes place in a futuristic setting. I just want something more dramatic than sneaking up behind him and hitting the off switch. (The off switch isn't really an option, as I imagine even the most hotheaded combat robot isn't stupid enough to leave it exposed.)
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