Wicked Writing Wench (perverted_pages) wrote in little_details,
Wicked Writing Wench

USA cities, pro gay, with snow in winter, fries and gravy served in restaurants

I have no idea how to google for this so I haven't even tried (my google-fu is usually weak anyways, but if you can think of a workable search string, that'd ALSO be terrific).

Okay, I'm looking for a city in the U.S.A. where not only same sex shennanigans are a common part of the scenery, but also where fries and gravy are a "normal" food in restaurants. Preferably cities that are Northern enough to have snow and ice during some part of the winter. The smaller the city the better (though I know small cities are usually more closed minded about same sex couples and strip clubs, so this isn't a "must have" but someplace small with maybe only one or two gay clubs would be great!)

EDIT: Wow, okay, you guys are amazingly fast! Thanks so much! I think it's been decided to go with Northampton, Massachusetts, especially since there already is a diner there with it on the menue and has a thriving local gay community.

Thank you EVERYONE, this was amazing!
Tags: usa (misc), usa: food and drink, usa: massachusetts, ~homosexuality (misc)

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